This is a test driver, which can be used to generate different kinds of (unusual) traffic within a DB2 database.

>>--- dbtutraffic --- --database ALIAS -------------->

 >---+-----------------------+--- --testcase NAME ---><
     |                       |
     +--- --schema SCHEMA ---+

Syntax diagram

Before you can do the first run of dbtutraffic, you need to create the database objects. The DbtuTools package contains a script (please check the defaults section within the dbtutraffic.ddl file first):

db2 connect to <ALIAS>
db2 -tf dbtutraffic.ddl

Sample commands

The alias of the database (ALIAS) - to connect to - is a must. The table schema (SCHEMA) is optional. If not applied, the tool will do unqualified table accesses. The testcase (NAME) parameter specifies the test case, which should be run:

Once the tool is started, it runs in a loop till an unexpected error occurs, or the user ends it by pressing Ctrl+C.