The machine / operating system wide configuration file hosts the settings for the dbtuswitch.sh script [more] and is located at /opt/dbtutools/dbtuswitch.cfg (more about the /opt/dbtutools tree [here]).

The file format is very basic and straightforward. All other tools should use an XML application!

# Global settings

# Instance settings
Instance=db2inst1:Comment=Productive Instance (default)
Instance=db2inst2:Comment=Test Instance

Sample configuration file

Most settings within the configuration file are optional (except the ConfigSource setting, which is used by the Java Library [more]). Fields are separated by colons like the /etc/passwd file in Unix.

Currently there are three key/value pairs:

Pair Effect
Global:DefaultInstance:INSTANCE With this setting you are able to define the default instance (INSTANCE) for your machine/operating system instance.
Instance:INSTANCE:Comment:COMMENT Using this setting you are able to define a text (COMMENT) per instance (INSTANCE), which is displayed in the comment field of the db2switch.sh output (calling the script without any parameter).
Instance:INSTANCE:ConfigSource:TYPE This setting is needed to define the Config Source type (TYPE) per instance (INSTANCE). The Java Library uses this value to determine how to find and read the configurations for the DbtuTools tools.
Currently the only valid entry is "UnixCfg", standing for Unix configuration files.